What’s great about BERGEN is how the vitality of the characters spills off the stage into the audience… Each character gets a chance at holding center, and each does so admirably. Fechter never allows the play to become a mouthpiece for America bashing, but still manages to critique the state of the union artistically.


What a fun ride with the totally original… “BERGEN” the play. A gripping backstage dramadey about a European rock band wonderfully and woefully worshipping The American Dream, this piece directed by the incomparable Kathy Gail MacGowan is subtly sexy… this breath of fresh air of a rocky yet rhythmic story never skips a heartbeat.”  

– Devo Nelson, Hokum Arts

BERGEN is a really fierce, potent piece of theatre, perfectly executed… So well balanced because it felt entertaining (and it certainly was!) but I was aware all through that there was more going on than the band, and we were going to get it.

– A. Burns

Those moody, funny, fascinating characters really got under my skin! The singing somehow made the piece both more surreal and more rooted in reality.

– J. Cortney

I thought you captured beautifully the excitement and angst of a punk indie band. Throw in love and death, and the stakes are risen in this already gritty story.

– W. Brandes

Much to like here, starting with the premise of a Norwegian rock band, in the near future (not exactly now), wanting to name itself after US decrepitude.

– M. Gnat