Playwright’s Statement


Bergen-illustrationI am a playwright, screenwriter, and librettist.  My plays have been staged throughout North America and Europe.  I co-wrote the screenplay (based on my play) for the 2004 film The Woodsman.  Writing plays is my way to be funny, irreverent, outrageous, political and to stage original stories that will engage the audience to reflect on stories from their own experience.

In the summer of 2017 my wife and I took a trip to Norway.  As we journeyed I wondered what the Norwegians thought of America.  I had been troubled by the direction our country has been going in.  Like many Americans I asked myself, “How can I respond?”  It was during my travels in Norway that I found a way: I wrote Bergen. One of the places we visited was the city of Bergen, known as the heavy metal capital of Norway. Writing about a rock band in Bergen presented me with a specific world and complex characters.

Bergen is a dark comedy set in Norway in the near future.  We follow a group of rock musicians who vow to find a name for their band that comments on the collapse of America. During the night there is drinking, music, betrayals, erotic fantasies, and an unforeseen event that threatens the band’s survival. Setting the play in the future gave me the freedom to create a dystopian world as seen through the eyes of a scruffy Norwegian rock band.

August 2018